Edinburgh Property Market Update


Having been in the Edinburgh property market for nearly 30 years I have worked through many economic cycles but perhaps the last 18 months has shown just how resilient Edinburgh property can be.

The sales market has held up incredibly well over the entire 18 months with family homes seeing a surge in demand and increased prices. Initially this resulted in a largening gap between entry level properties and mid-priced properties but we are now seeing entry level properties obtaining multiple bids, at closing dates, well in excess of Home Report values.

The rental market has had a more turbulent 18 months but has returned very strongly over the last 2 months. Initially the market took a real dip as businesses closed and students returned home plus work insecurity and financial difficulties were very real for many. This was of course a time to ensure we worked under government guidelines and it was great to see our tenants, landlords and contractors work together for the safety of all.

As I mentioned the last 2 months has seen the rental market improve dramatically due to movement restrictions being lifted, students returning and work relocations. The rental market has a strong need for a transient population, and it is wonderful to see the city opening up once more

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