Month: March 2018

Edinburgh – Top UK City For Growth


The latest figures from Hometrack show that the inflation rate across the nation’s cities sits at 5.2%. Although London has taken a hit slowing down to 1% growth, five regional cities have enjoyed an annual price inflation of over 7%.

Edinburgh tops the list with an 8% inflation growth year on year, up from 4.4% last year. It is closely followed by Liverpool (7.8%), Birmingham (7.7%), Leicester (7.7%) and Manchester (7.1%).

Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester were all slightly under 7% growth last year and this year are all above the 7% mark. Both Edinburgh and Liverpool had middle of the pack growth rates last year, but this year have the highest increases in inflation across UK cities.

The average growth across all 20 cities sits at 4.1%, while the UK’s average as a whole is 4.3%.

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