Month: April 2016

Where to Invest in Edinburgh?


Central 1 bed flats have formed part our own investment strategy for the last 20 years and we have constantly recommended these as an entry level for any would be investor. Tenant demand is constant due to Edinburgh having a large transient population and of course the increasing number of single person households.

Gorgie/Dalry is one area we have recommended for the last few years. When the first time buyer and investor market shrunk in 2008 prices in the area dropped by up to 30%. Since then we have seen a slow steady increase in prices with year on year price growth currently 6.5%.

The average price in the area is now £114,406. This is still way short of the £127,000 peak in 2007 and for that reason we are still actively promoting the area to investors who will see constant tenant demand and gross rental yields of 6.5%.

If you would like further advice on where and how to invest in Edinburgh then do get in touch.