Month: April 2017

Furnished or Unfurnished – Landlord View


One of the first questions landlords ask is whether to rent out their property furnished or unfurnished? There are of course pros and cons to both and differing target markets require different approaches.

The Positives of Unfurnished

  • Less initial set up cost to landlord and less responsibility.
  • Tenants may stay longer as they have made an investment in furniture and moving will be more costly.
  • If there is tenant demand then rental income may be equal to furnished.

The Positives of Furnished

  • Generally, there are more tenants looking for furnished property which means a higher rent and more applicants to choose from.
  • You, the landlord, only need buy the furniture once and will have made sure it is the right style and size for the property.
  • A nicely furnished property looks move inviting and homely than one devoid of furniture.

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